What are French National Parks?

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French National Parks are internationally recognised as areas of exceptional quality. They offer a remarkable combination of land and sea areas, and are protected areas of flora and fauna and exceptional wetlands ideal for birdwatchers and nature lovers. there are 10 nation parks in France.

Collectively, they cover about 9.5% of French territory (60,728 km2), and attract almost 9 million visitors each year.

How many national Parks in France?

France has ten national parks, of which six are within the mainland of France, protected areas that are home to an exceptional wealth of flora and fauna.

A groundhog in Mercantour National Park

The public body for France’s national parks, the Parcs Nationaux de France, was created only as recently as 2006, under the Ministry for Nature Protection. The ministry’s goal is to promote the parks, strengthen their common culture and contribute to the quality of their management.

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The national parks are governed by a charter, aimed at protecting and developing them. The charter unites all interested parties, particularly the communes, which are vital to the success of the scheme, and have the option of subscribing to the park’s charter.

In doing so, they come together in a strategy of environmental solidarity that works to protect biodiversity, the improved functioning of institutions, the management of natural and cultural heritage, and visits by the public.

Priority is given to the protection of habitats, plant and animal species, landscapes and cultural heritage.

Where are the French National Parks?

Mainland National Parks

Island National Parks

Parc National de Port-Cros
Parc National de la Guadeloupe
Parc Amazonien de Guyane
Parc National de la Réunion

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