What are the Gardens of Imagination in France – Les Jardins de L’Imaginaire?

A place of joy, peace and natural beauty. But is it a garden? Whatever – it’s well worth a visit.

Carnac Standing Stones – the prehistoric monuments of Carnac and Brittany

Carnac should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is truly a staggering and unique place to visit.

What are the wine regions of France? Where is French wine is made?

A bit of French trivia for you. Can you name the 10 wine producing regions of France? The answers are here.

What is Nimes famous for? Nimes Roman Amphitheatre

What did the Romans do for us? See for yourself in Nimes, home to the an amazing amphitheatre.

French olive oil: A complete guide

It’s considered to be the finest in the world. Each year France produces 5,000 tons of olive oil. Here’s everything you need to know about this liquid gold.

What are French Truffles, how to find truffles and the history of France’s Black Diamonds

A luxury and something the top chefs scramble to get hold of. But why are truffles so popular and are pigs really used to hunt them?

Who were the the Cathars of France? The Da Vinci Code and Cathar Perfecti

The Holy Grail, the Da Vinci Code. The Cathars are the stuff of legends and mystery. But what’s the real story?

Poulet de Bresse

Poulet de Bresse King of French chickens

The Poulet de Bresse is described by the French as ‘he fourth gastronomic wonder of the world/

Why you should vacation in France

Why you should vacation in France

Why should you travel to France? Where do we start? There are so many reasons for visiting this amazing country.

french culture and customs

French culture and customs

There is something about France and the French culture that arouses interest all over the world.