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people running on the beach at cap d agde

Beach Life in Cap d’Agde: Experience the Best of the Mediterranean

Cap d’Agde is a fantastic place to visit and its biggest attraction is undoubtedly its miles of beautiful beaches which are some of the best on the Med.

19 Best Paris Parks and Beautiful Gardens to Visit

There are over 450 parks and gardens to visit in Paris. Here are the ones we think you should visit.

7 Days in Paris: What to do in Paris France for a week

The ultimate Paris vacation guide. Get yourself a coffee and a pastry because it’s a long read.

Strasbourg Christmas Market: Christkindelmarik Visitors Guide

If you only ever go to one Christmas market – it has to be Starsbourg Christkindelmarik.

What are the Gardens of Imagination in France – Les Jardins de L’Imaginaire?

A place of joy, peace and natural beauty. But is it a garden? Whatever – it’s well worth a visit.

Carnac Standing Stones – the prehistoric monuments of Carnac and Brittany

Carnac should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is truly a staggering and unique place to visit.

Why visit Ecrins National Park in France? Visitors and Tourist Guide

If you love the mountains and winter sports Ecrins should be high on your list of places to visit in France.

cycling in france

Cycling in France tips for tourists and cyclists

Cycling in France is a wonderful experience for amateur cyclists or families who enjoy exploring on two wheels.

canal du midi

Canal du Midi boating vacations in France

Enjoying a Canal du Midi boating vacation is one of the most relaxing breaks you will ever have. Here’s why.

boating in france

Boating in France: French boating vacations

Over 2,700 miles of waterways span the surface of France. Routes range from the famous Canal de Bourgogne in Burgundy to the centuries-old Canal du Midi