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What is French Sparkling Wine Called? From Champagne to Blanquette de Limoux

As wonderful as it is there is more to French sparkling wine than just Champagne.

What is Pineau des Charentes?

According to wine-making folklore, in 1589, a winemaker accidentally added grape must into a barrel that he thought was empty. In fact it contained eau de vie. The mixture was duly returned to the cellars for fermentation. A few years later, the barrel was retrieved and was found to contain the drink that is now…

What is Eau de Vie and what does it taste like? The story of Eau de Vie de Marc

Eau de Vie is one of those alcoholic drinks that once tasted you’ll never forget.

What are the wine regions of France? Where is French wine is made?

A bit of French trivia for you. Can you name the 10 wine producing regions of France? The answers are here.

French olive oil: A complete guide

It’s considered to be the finest in the world. Each year France produces 5,000 tons of olive oil. Here’s everything you need to know about this liquid gold.

What are the grades or types of cognac and how is cognac made?

What are the types of cognac? How is it made? And is cognac a brandy? All your questions answered.

What are French Truffles, how to find truffles and the history of France’s Black Diamonds

A luxury and something the top chefs scramble to get hold of. But why are truffles so popular and are pigs really used to hunt them?

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Eat and drink like the French: A no BS guide to French food and drink

Our top five traditional French foods to try and we’ll also give you a starter session in French wine and liqueurs.

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French Oysters Our Guide To The Best In The World

Are French oysters the best in the world? Ask any Frenchman or woman and they’d look at you as if you’re crazy to even think they may not be.

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Best French liqueurs from Anisette to Verveine

French liqueurs make wonderful cocktails. But what are liqueurs and how do we distinguish them from a spirit?