City Guides

Visitors Guide to Lyon in France: Things to do and Places to Visit

France’s second city is a wonderful place to visit with so much to see and do.

Tourist guide to Amiens and the incredible Amiens cathedral

Perfect for a weekend break Amiens is a wonderful town with its cathedral a World Heritage Site.

Things to do in Nice: Castle Hill and Nice Carnival

One of the biggest city’s in France, Nice is home to its famous carnival and the wonderful Castle Hill.

millau france

Millau tourist and visitors guide: Things to do in Millau

Millau is a maze of narrow streets that lead to secluded squares, fountains, markets, shops and churches. And of course the viaduct.

Paris arrondissements

What are the Paris arrondissements?

There are 20 Paris arrondissements, or districts. Most popular tourist attractions are in the central 8 arrondissements.


A visitors guide to Besancon: Things to do in Besancon

Besancon occupies a stunning site on a meander in the River Doubs; not surprisingly, this is the capital city of Franche Comté.

Chartres France

Things to do in Chartres France: A tourists guide

Chartres is relaxing, unassuming and welcoming, an ideal place to spend an agreeable few days, almost off the beaten track.

albi in france

Is Albi in France worth visiting? A vacation guide for tourists

Albi is best known for its beautiful cathedral, the amazing 1,000 year old bridge and the Fashion and Toulouse Lautrec museums.

Bourges France

Things to do in Bourges France

The city is a delight to explore, with many meandering ways that will draw you in, beckoning like an impatient child.


Things to do in Carcassonne

Carcassonne is one of the largest fortified towns in Europe, and one of the best conserved.