french oysters

French Oysters Our Guide To The Best In The World

Are French oysters the best in the world? Ask any Frenchman or woman and they’d look at you as if you’re crazy to even think they may not be.

french naturist beaches

Best French naturist beaches – tourist guide

French naturist beaches are some of the finest in the world. Whether on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts there are some wonderful French nudist beaches.

french liqueurs Cointreau

Best French liqueurs from Anisette to Verveine

French liqueurs make wonderful cocktails. But what are liqueurs and how do we distinguish them from a spirit?

birdwatching in france

Birdwatching in France top 7 reserves and areas for birding

For the serious birder here’s our top seven places for birdwatching in France.

french markets

French Markets – A visitors guide

A visit or two to traditional French markets is one of the great pleasures of visiting France. It’s wonderful to arrive in a town or village and discover that it’s market day.

free wi-fi in paris

Free Wi-Fi in Paris – How to Access Free Internet in Paris France

Free Wi-Fi in Paris is available to everyone in over 260 public places. Parks, gardens, district town halls, libraries and museums in the city all have this facility.

french culture and customs

French culture and customs

There is something about France and the French culture that arouses interest all over the world.

albi in france

Is Albi in France worth visiting? A vacation guide for tourists

Albi is best known for its beautiful cathedral, the amazing 1,000 year old bridge and the Fashion and Toulouse Lautrec museums.

travelling in france

How to travel in France by train, car and coach

If you’re visiting France on vacation or business you need our ultimate How to travel in France info.

French National Parks

What are French National Parks?

France has ten national parks, of which six are within the mainland of France, protected areas that are home to an exceptional wealth of flora and fauna.