Best French naturist beaches – tourist guide

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French naturist beaches are some of the finest in the world. Whether on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts there are some wonderful French nudist beaches. From the ever-popular Cap-d-Agde to St Tropez made famous by the beautiful Brigitte Bardot there are some stunning and very friendly beaches for the naturist to enjoy in France.

The best French naturist beaches

Naturism in France is on the increase, especially among younger people. For a growing number, naturism reflects freedom – the choice of whether to wear clothes. And tourists are now seeing a (relatively) new side of France.

Everyone knows about the wine, the gastronomy, the winter skiing and the city breaks. But naturist beaches in France are proving to be as popular with visitors as they are with the French themselves.

On this page we’ve selected our top nine French nudist resorts. Where you can eat, drink, shop and generally enjoy your holiday free of clothes. Of course, the location and resort you choose will make the biggest difference to your holiday.

So, it’s always wise to consider all the options available prior to booking in order to make the right decision. Our top 9 French naturist beaches will provide you with a dream holiday.

French naturist beaches on the Mediterranean coast

Cap d’Agde

Without doubt the most popular of all French nudist resorts. Cap d’Agde is just to the south of Montpellier. It’s a whole resort dedicated to nudists where you can do literally anything without your clothes on. And we mean anything too. From shopping to partying – anything goes!

Read our Visitors Guide to Cap d’Agde

Ile du Levant

Head past Marseille to the region of Ile du Levant. The beach here is a throwback to a simpler era. It’s a superb little island and much quieter and more reserved than most other resorts. And what’s more, they have a rule – it’s all or nothing. So, no doing things by half here.

St Tropez

Everybody around the world knows of St Tropez. It sums up all the sophistication and glitz we associate with France. Tahiti Plage is a widely renowned naturist beach in the gorgeously glamorous surroundings of St Tropez.

The beaches at St Tropez

Legendary actress and French beauty Brigitte Bardot is unsurprisingly credited with making this place a household name. And it’s one of the busiest French naturist beaches you can visit.

Leucate Plage

Leucate Plage is perhaps the best location of all to head for nudist family fun. It has a beautiful kilometre of golden sands and calm seas. This is much more of a heaven for all things tranquil and relaxing. It’s a far more laidback place than some of the other French naturist beaches.

It doesn’t have the party atmosphere of Cap d’Agde for example. What’s more, Leucate Plage stands out as a supremely popular spot for first timers going all-natural for the first time!

Les Grottes Plage

Les Grottes Plage is nudist beach on Île du Levant – a small island off the Riviera coast. The whole area is nudist friendly but Les Grottes Plage is slightly different. There are some military areas which are, unsurprisingly, off-limits for naturists.

However, the stretch of beach that’s open to nudists is one of a kind. Not only does it present some of the most amazing nude snorkelling opportunities in France. But it’s also one of the few beaches where nudity is mandatory. If your clothes don’t go, you do!

French naturist beaches on the Atlantic coast

Montalivet Beach

This is where French nudism began. Back in the 1950s the area became the very first French naturist beaches. And very little has changed since. Acknowledged globally as the birthplace of nudism Montalivet is a great place to visit.

Montalivet Beach

There’s plenty of accommodation for visitors along with lost of shops and bars. All of which are 100% nudist friendly. The beaches here stretch for miles and are wonderfully sandy. Perfect for long walks the beach boasts the prestigious Blue Flag for cleanliness.


Fancy something a bit bigger? Euronat has over 100 miles of coastline. In many respects it’s one gigantic naturist beach. And despite its size, it’s also one of the cleanest, friendliest and generally most appealing Nudist beaches on the whole of France’s Atlantic Coast.

A great place to head with the whole family for a camping trip. You’ll find Euronat in the Gironde department. It’s in the south-west of France near to Montalivet.

Vieux St Giron

Enjoy water sports? Vieux St. Giron is pretty much as good as it gets for nudists who also like to try their hand at surfing. However, the waters can be on the choppy side and the currents tend to be strong.

Which is great for surfers of course but do exercise caution when swimming. But, if surfing is your thing and you’ve always wondered what it would be like with no clothes on, here’s your chance to go find out!

Tips on visiting French naturist beaches

1: Tops on or off? Generally speaking, it’s quite acceptable to go topless on any beach in France. But there are exceptions so be sure to check locally if in doubt.

2: In terms of underwear there’s no law that says you can or cannot go fully nude on French beaches. But again, check what’s acceptable locally.

3: There are some things you just should not be doing on any of the French naturist beaches. This includes staring, taking photographs or making fun of others.

4: Be sure to check the rules as to whether clothing is accepted, mandatory or banned as there are different rules for each beach. Some you must go nude; some you mustn’t go nude; with some it’s your decision.

5: There are plenty of nude beaches in France that allow and encourage naked walking on nearby trails. But you need to check where the boundaries of the resort lie in order to avoid giving passers-by a shock.

6: Don’t forget that the fewer items of clothing you wear; the more chance you have of sunburn. And as sunburn is way more painful on some parts of the body than others, be sure to add a liberal dose of cream or oil, and keep topping up.

7: For men, swimming trunks are fine when heading into the sea and some actually salute the use of such garments for helping to keep the water clean. So, if you feel the need, don’t be afraid to don a pair of Speedos.

8: Whether or not to take children is a sticky subject, though there are no rules about their being allowed on the beach, or the ages they should or shouldn’t be…it’s all up to their parents or guardians.

9: Last but not least, be sure to take sufficient clothing or blankets to cover yourself up when the sun is at its strongest. Going nude often means falling for the trap of taking little to nothing to cover up with at all, which can of course be a painful mistake.

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