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Editor – Craig Ellyard; “When I think of France I think of summer days wandering narrow streets and afternoons sitting outside a café enjoying coffee and pastries while watching the world go by.

“You may think of romantic restaurants, historic monuments, and the most sophisticated culture in Europe.

“Or maybe it’s the incredible food; freshly baked bread, matured cheese, and the finest of wines.

“Whatever it is that pops into your head when you think of France, or whether you’ve still dreaming of visiting this most fascinating of countries, I hope the content on this site will invoke more memories or serve as the final push for you to dust off the passport and get on a plane to Paris”.

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Are you looking for the ultimate France travel guide? You’ve found it.

You’ll discover everything you need to plan your trip to France. Whether you’re travelling for a holiday, short break or on business we’ve got you covered. This site has hundreds of pages on how to plan your trip. What to see, eat and drink when you get there and how to explore this wonderful country.

Let’s Do France is written by a team of writers who all have three things in common:

They love to travel.

They love to share their knowledge and experiences.

They love France.

Everyone who works on this guide are enthusiastic travellers and passionate wordsmiths. They love to share their knowledge and adventurers with our readers.

Why travel to France?

Beautiful. Cultured. Historic. Charming. Vibrant. Artistic. Friendly. Amazing.

Travel to France and explore the regions, visit the cities and towns, or enjoy beautiful villages.

Whether you’re planning a trip to this amazing country or are wondering what to do when you get there – you’ll find everything you need on this website.

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